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2024 台南好感空間展 Experience Life

本次柒木以「博物館」作為整體陳列概念,規劃出The New Old、The Container of Light以及The Beauty of Multiple Arrays三個主題,分別展出經典的一盞東西、紙燈籠系列以及全新的糖蔥系列,讓前來的觀眾隨著柒木如同考古也如同旅行般探索著東亞的文化樣貌,收藏屬於自己的光影時刻。





This time, KIMU presents "Museum" as the overall display concept, featuring three themes: The New Old, The Container of Light, and The Beauty of Multiple Arrays. Each theme showcases the classic The New Old Light Collection, the Paper Lantern Collection, and the new Churros Collection. Visitors are invited to explore the cultural landscape of East Asia through KIMU's lens, collecting their own moments of light and shadow.

KIMU seeks out various clues within the timeline, connecting and creating new objects that embody the essence of East Asian aesthetics, turning every yesterday into a living object for tomorrow.